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This is Abcor.

Innovation of sustainable wood products is our center of attention. Our team is a group of agile, fast responding, low bureaucracy collaborators.

Your trust is our goal.


The old boundaries are now obsolete.

Abcor leverages the latest in thermoset infrared curing technology. Abcor's leadership in MDF powder coating positions us to be the pioneer in low and non-conductive material powder coating science.

A Stirworks M1 Desk, powder coated by Abcor


Reverse knife bullnose ergonomic edge. 88 gloss. John Deere Green.

Abcor is the purest form of design freedom. Don't let the limitations of the past inhibit the future of your thinking.

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Dye Sublimation Prototype

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3H Hardness Kitchen Cabinet Door

Stir Works Top by Abcor

School Desks

Item 12

Abcor is at the forefront of safe, sustainable surfaces


Zero VOC's.  Zero HAP's.Formeldahyde free. CARB-2 Compliant.


Indoor air quality is a core advantage of our technology. IAQ testing of Abcor's powder coating shows the lowest emissions of any surface in the industry.


Abcor powder coated surfaces are 100% recyclable. Laminate, melamine, membrane and vinyl are not.


Abcor has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry

No edgeband. No backer. No adhesives. No solvent. Abcor out performs all competitors in carbon footprint.
A 5 sf component produces the following carbon footprints:

  • Powder on wood: 1.25 Kg CO2

  • High pressure laminate: 4.87 Kg CO2

  • Solvent based paint: 5.81 Kg CO2


Abcor's Sustainability Commitment

Our sustainability strategy inspires us to run a zero waste facility. Excess powder is reclaimed during the spray process. Ground up wood is sent to a local hog farmer. 

Abcor IS highly focused.

We are 100% dedicated to powder coated wood. Undistracted, Abcor is a team of nimble, fast responding, low bureaucracy collaborators.  

The mission is centered on advancing it's technology.

1 day quote response

2 week lead time

3 day prototyping

New at Abcor

State Group Hails Abcor Among ‘50 Companies to Watch’ in 2016 03.16.16

HOLLAND, Michigan -- Abcor Industries, a leading innovator in material-science and wood powder-coating technologies, has been honored on the 2016 list of “50 Companies to Watch” by Michigan Celebrates Small Business, a statewide organization that promotes excellence in entrepreneurship.

Abcor’s CEO J.T. Weis, who acquired the Holland-based company in 2012, attributed the award to the extraordinary efforts of his management team and high performance workforce, many of whom are convicted felons and are now are on a path to positive and productive lives. With a focus on sustainable practices, corporate philanthropy and disruptive innovation in low-conduction powder coating, Weis is positioning Abcor for strong, steady growth.

“Architects, designers and manufacturers of wood products are compelled when they encounter the advantages that our high-performance, wear-resistant wood powder coating provides them,” says Weis, a former Berkshire Hathaway Group President.

This is the 12th year for the Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards, which are designed to elevate the significance of small businesses in the state. The awards, to be presented at a evening gala on May 5 in Lansing, highlight in particular “the companies who are on a growth path in Michigan, creating jobs, developing innovative products and expanding their sales to other parts of the nation and world,” according to Jennifer M. Deamud of the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University and the Associate State Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Center.


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News Headline 08.15.2014

News Headline 08.15.2014

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